Coimbatore - Kovai
Local Festivals in Coimbatore
Koniamman Car Festival
Koniamman Car Festival in Koniamman temple in Coimbatore is an important event every year. Koniamman car festival is celebrated every year on 1st March. Thousands of devotees come here to pull the car through the important streets of Coimbatore. The procession starts from the temple and the chariot is drawn via Big Bazaar Street and finally the chariot is parked at the Raja Street in its parking space. Tamil New Year is also equally important and popular among the devotees. And this is celebrated during the month of April. This Koniamman temple is situated in the heart of the city near to Town hall in Big Bazaar Street. Aadiperuku is celebrated in August at Koniamman temple with great importance and during this period thousands of devotees come to this temple to offer their prayers. Navarathri festival is equally celebrated with great enthusiasm at Koniamman temple with excellent decoration of the deity and special poojas performed all through the nine days of Navarathri.
Marudhamalai Temple
Marudhamalai Temple in Coimbatore is considered the 7th abode of Lord Shri Murugan. This temple is visited by devotees from all over the state and from other parts of the country. This Murugan temple at Marudhamalai is located on the hill which can be reached by steps and by road. A rope car is also is being planned and work is already in progress.
Some of them are the Thai Poosam during the January and February months of the year. Followed by Tamil New Year celebration during the month of April. Vaikasi car festival is also an important festival during this period. Next comes the Adiperuku festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm and importance at Marudhamalai temple. This Adiperuku festival is celebrated during the month of August. Karthigai deepam is celebrated at Marudhamalai temple with great pomp in November. Another important festival at Marudhamalai temple is Aruthra Darisanam and Margali pooja, both falls in December.
Perur Pateeswar temple Coimbatore

Perur Pateeswarar temple in Coimbatore is considered to be an very ancient temple with unique stone construction. This temple is believed to be around four hundred years old. The architecture in this temple is very special with the use of monolithic stone engraving and idols. Many festivals are celebrated through out the year in this temple. Some of the important festival among them is the annual festival celebrated during the month of Pankuni (March). Followed by some festivals in the month of Karthikai. Every Monday of this Karthikai month is considered very religious and special poojas are conducted on all the Mondays in this month. Shankabishekam is performed in the morning and annabishekam is conducted in the evening and it is witnessed by thousands of devotees.

Natyanjali is conducted in the Perur Temple premises every year (classical dance festival) participated by many expert dancers from different places. In the month of Margali, Arudhra Darisanam is celebrated at Perur Pateeswarar temple with great fervour. And many devotees visit this temple to receive the Lord’s blessings.

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